Physicians in the Section of Hospital Medicine

See the list of the physicians who work in the section.

There are three areas of service staffed by members of the Section of Hospital Medicine:

- Inpatient Care at the Main Campus of the Cleveland Clinic

- IMPACT Center (Internal Medicine Perioperative Assessment, Consultation and Treatment)

- Cleveland Clinic Center for Rehabilitation (subacute unit)

In addition to the direct patient care, the hospitalists are actively involved in research projects and the education of residents from the Cleveland Clinic and medical students from Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine.

We strive to fulfill the four ideals expressed in the Cleveland Clinic logo - the four squares represent each of the major areas of the Foundation: Inpatient care, Outpatient care, Research, and Education.

Our goal is provide the best care to our patients because we believe that Every Life Deserves World Class Care.

Perioperative Medicine Summit

This year Perioperative Medicine Summit will take place September 17-19, 2006 at Intercontinental Hotel & MBNA Conference Center, The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio.

Click here for more information.

Last year summit, conducted in September 2005 included more than 200 physicians, and was a resounding success.

Summit directors were Dr. Jaffer and Dr. Michota. Several members of the hospitalist team presented lectures and case discussions during the two-day event.

Proceedings of the Perioperative Medicine Summit were published in a special supplement of the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine.

Procedure Guides Step-by-Step

Central line placement. See also Central Line Placement with Ultrasound Guidance.

Thoracentesis (pleural tap)

Paracentesis (ascites tap)

Arthrocentesis (joint tap)

Arterial line placement is illustrated in The Internet Journal of Health.

Lumbar puncture. This is an illustrated guide with brief video clips by the University of Newcastle, UK; eMedicine also has a Lumbar Puncture procedure guide.

More links

Imaging - EKG, CXR, CT scans

ECG Wave-Maven by the Harvard Medical School is a fully-fledged ECG-trainer. You can browse through typical or not so typical EKGs here. Check out the arrhythmia simulator - you can play, pause and quiz yourself. Just click "start" on the welcome screen, you do not need a user name/password. ECG Palm Brain is the best free reference for PDAs. It works on both Pocket PC and Palm, iSilo ($ 19) is required.

CXR and CT scans
University of Virginia has a comprehensive website dedicated to CXR and CT scans. Compare what you see on the screen to the CT scans of your patient. ICU CXR is another very useful website from the University of Virginia.

Physical Examination Videos

Vocal vs. tactile fremitus? Percussion of the spleen? If you need to brush up your physical exam skills, review the medical videos offered by some leading medical schools.