Research Projects at the Section of Hospital Medicine

Perioperative & Periprocedural Management of Warfarin (PPMW) study.
A prospective Multicenter observational study looking at perioperative patterns of anticoagulation management and incidence of events (thromboembolic and hemorrhagic). IRB# 5766.

Perioperative Beta Blockade, Heart Rate Control and Cardiovascular Events Involving Noncardiac Surgeries. IRB# 7825.

Risk of Hemorrhage in Patients on Combination Antithrombotic Therapy with Warfarin and Clopidogrel. IRB # 7731.

Risk factors for acute venous thromboembolism in hospitalized patients. IRB # 7910.

Improving Perioperative Cardiac Risk Assessment and beta-blocker Use for Non-cardiac Surgery (INCREASE): The INCREASE Quality Improvement Project. IRB# 8655.

Perioperative risk stratification of patients with sleep apnea undergoing non-cardiac surgery. RPC # 2005-1037.

Incidence and Predictors of Post-operative Myocardial Infarction, Stent Thrombosis and Bleeding Outcomes of Patients with Drug Eluting Stent Undergoing Non-Cardiac Surgery (DES and NCS Study). IRB # 8280.

Does an IMPACT Evaluation make a difference in Post-operative Outcomes? (DIRECT Study). IRB # 8502.

Predictors of Acute Renal Failure after Non-Cardiac Surgery (ARF and NCS Study). IRB # pending.