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Beta Blockers in Perioperative Medicine

Beta blockers for patients at risk of cardiac events during non-cardiac surgery
BMJ Editorial, 2005;331:919-920 (22 October)

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Perioperative β-blockade (Pobble) for patients undergoing infrarenal vascular surgery: Results of a randomized double-blind controlled trial.
Journal of Vascular Surgery Volume 41, Issue 4 , April 2005, Pages 602-609

The diabetic postoperative mortality and morbidity (DIPOM) trial: rationale and design of a multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical trial of metoprolol for patients with diabetes mellitus who are undergoing major noncardiac surgery.
American Heart Journal Volume 147, Issue 4, Pages 677-683 (April 2004)

CARP Trial
Coronary-Artery Revascularization before Elective Major Vascular Surgery.
NEJM Volume 351:2795-2804, December 30, 2004, Number 27

MaVS Trial
Metoprolol After Vascular Surgery(MaVS)
Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 51:A7 (2004)

Perioperative Beta-Blocker Therapy and Mortality after Major Noncardiac Surgery
NEJM Volume 353:349-361, July 28, 2005, Number 4

How strong is the evidence for the use of perioperative blockers in non-cardiac surgery?
Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
BMJ 2005;331:313-321 (6 August)

Beta-Blockers and Reduction of Cardiac Events in Noncardiac Surgery Scientific Review
JAMA. 2002;287:1435-1444

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